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How to play on Banana mc Minecraft Server?

In order to connect to Banana mc, you can utilize the ip address Alternatively, use the click to copy IP button to the left side of this listing, and paste it in your Minecraft Client.

What versions does Banana mc supports?

Banana mc server suggests to connect with version 1.19.1, which allows for the best experience on the server.

Where is Banana mc hosting located?

Banana mc server is hosted within the India, with an average uptime of 100% since it started.

What gamemodes does Banana mc offer?

Banana mc offers a variety of gamemodes including Survival, SMP, Skyblock, Bedwars, Lifesteal, PvP, .

What is the website address for Banana mc?

You can find the Banana mc website at:

What is the discord server for Banana mc?

Connect to the Banana mc discord server by this link:

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